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Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a comprehensive, multifaceted transport equipment manufacturer. FHI develops a range of innovative products based on reliable technology in sectors such as the automobiles, aerospace, bus manufacturing & house prefabricating, industrial products and the transportation & ecology systems.

Subaru automobiles Japan wanted to announce the appointment of Al Adiyat Automobiles as its exclusive distributor in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. As this was a new dealership, White Water PR reached out to the automobile focused publications in addition to mainline dailies and web publications to spread the message faster. All Subaru vehicles have a horizontal Boxer engine and all-wheel drive (AWD) and, therefore, have the highest safety rating, perfect balance and are extremely comfortable to drive. We embedded these characteristics into our key messages and rolled out a trail blazing PR campaign for the brand.



GAC MOTOR, hadsponsored the blockbuster The Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014. GAC China’s leading automobile giants, participatedat the Dubai International Motor Show 2015 for the very first time. Gargash Motors the same dealers for Mercedes Benz, are the sole distributor of GAC cars in Dubai, UAE. GAC MOTOR unveiled their range of cars at the press conference during the motor show.

Chinese cars are already a talk amongst the middle income group of expats as they deliver on performance, are comparable on prices and have a low cost of maintenance. In recent times, Chinese automobile makers are changing the trend and making a foray into the UAE four-wheeler automobile markets as they feature premium elite state of the art cars.



LUXGEN, Taiwan’s premium luxury focused automotive brand wanted to make a significant difference to UAE’s ‘reimagined’ luxury car market. Western Auto, the sole distributor of LUXGEN cars in UAE currently has the latest line up consisting of S5 Turbo - a luxury Sedan car, U6 Turbo - a five-seater crossover and U7 - a seven seater compact SUV. Yulon Motors, LUXGEN’S parent company in Taiwan, has been in the automobile business since 1953 involved in manufacturing of brands such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, Cadillac and Buick to name a few. They are also the sole distributors for Nissan & Mitsubishi in Taiwan.

LUXGEN is a brand for the thinking man and is aimed at people who appreciate technology coupled with Luxury. White Water PR wanted to generate tremendous response for these cars by highlighting the new features in the 2015 versions of their cars.



Having started its strategic cooperation with MAZDA in 1992, Haima has built its own R&D technical system and quality control system benefiting from the cooperation with Mazda for 15 years. With the newly developed engine and mature under body components, Haima collaborates with professional R&D institutions worldwide for joint design and development of complete vehicles. The company started exporting its cars in 2007 and now the sales network covers Middle East, North Africa, East Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. The countries the company currently covers include Egypt, Algeria, UAE, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Venezuela, Peru, Moldova, Philippines among other markets.

The company wanted to expand its presence in the Middle East and was looking to sign up with distributors in the region during the Dubai International Motor Show in 2009. We had a tough challenge on hand as there were hundreds of exhibitors during the show that included luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Lexus, Corvette, BMW and several other brands such as Toyota, Chevrolet Ford, Honda and Mazda. We were up against all these brands but once again we can proudly state that we definitely beat all of them in terms of the brand visibility within the target media during the show.



Falken Tire Corporation, headquarted in California, US, works with its local partner Autostar Trading, part of the Albatha Group - the exclusive distributor of Falken tyres in the UAE.

Falken Tire, a leader in high performance tyres for cars and trucks wanted to launch its new range of ‘WildPeak All Terrain’ tyres in the UAE. The company wanted to reinvigorate the all-performance sport utility and light truck tyres market with the launch of this new all-terrain, all season, all-purpose WildPeak A/T. A key feature of the new WildPeak A/T is the availability of sizes for the expansive sport utility and light truck market. The tyre is offered in today’s most popular original equipment sizes with choices of 15 to 18 inch wheel diameters and many plus-sized applications.

Our task was to launch these tyres amongst the desert dune bashing enthusiasts and capitalize on the pleasant weather in the UAE when more and more people venture into the desert.



King Long manufactures over 25,000 buses annually. The brand has successfully served Beijing Olympic Games and London Olympic Games, World Expo Shanghai, Guangzhou Asian Games, FIFA World Cup South Africa, Singapore Youth Olympic Games and other international conferences and large events.

Founded in 1988, King Long, a name synonymous with luxury coaches around the world wanted to enter the UAE market with its sturdy and ultra-safe school buses. Western Auto, the sole distributor of King Long buses in UAE, wanted to unveil the XMQ 6858 (37 seater) and XMQ 6101Y (63 seater) which are powered by Cummins Engine. These buses also came packed with 8 cameras to enhance safety.