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Posted by Deepti Nair on ,April 15th, 2016 in Blog


Brand UAE has gone global with several Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Star Trek, Star Wars, Fast and Furious, Airlift, Race, Welcome Back among several other movies have been shot in the UAE now.

So what does that imply, the world is now looking at UAE, literally. There is a dedicated Bollywood themepark as well which will be launched in October 2016.Crew from Hollywood and Bollywood make regular trips to the UAE. I am sure more movies are being planned with the scenic UAE. Watchout this space for more.

Several movie starts International, regional and local ones visit UAE to promote their movies and concerts. So if you are at a mall and if you bump into Will Smith or Kim Kardashian then, don’t be surprised.

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