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Public Relations and social media: Why is it important?

Posted by Prem Ramachandran on November 18, 2016 in Blog


Fifteen years ago when I stepped into Dubai, the scene was totally different. Sheikh Zayed Road still had much fewer buildings and the world’s tallest tower was nowhere in sight. If you fast forward the time to know, each part of Dubai is bustling with something new.

Similarly, PR was also in a nascent stage, then, but today everything has evolved and UAE is a global force to reckon with. The dynamics of PR has changed and there has been a paradigm shift in the way we look at things in the realm of PR.

There are many companies in the UAE that have some really inspiring stories to tell but they are still not sure about the ways to unveil these stories to the public at large and of course their target audience.

Also very few organisations have internal newsletters or a communications tool to connect all their employees.

If you have a story then – share it. I am sure this is something that people have learnt after the social media explosion. It is very important to seamlessly marry both PR and social media campaigns to get the best out of your communications campaign. This is the digital world and a universe of smart phones. It is important to connect all the communications touchpoints to stay ahead in the race. Otherwise, you will simply be left out.

Everyone wants to hear a good story and you also need a good partner to do justice to that story. If you want to maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its target audience then PR and social media are the two vital cogs in the wheel.

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