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Working with Johny Dar, an internationally acclaimed fashion magician

Posted by Prem Ramachandran on Thursday, 01 May 2014 in Blog


I knew very little about Johny Dar before we started working with him. He is blessed with ‘designer brains’ and the work that he comes up with are genuine masterpiceces. He is a hard working fashion designer and highly creative and such personalities inspire us to perform better and also dream big in life.

He was the man behind the ‘Jeans for Refugees’ project where close to 100 international celebrities, right from Daniel Radcliff, Harry Styles, Sharon Stone, Ana Wintour, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, PiNK, Kate Moss and several other high profile personalities associated with him for this unique project.

This unique campaign gave everyone across the globe with an opportunity to bid for their favourite star’s pair of jeans, which was superbly painted by Johny Dar. The fans had to just log on to catawiki.com and bid for the jeans.

Great gesture and a wonderful idea. We are proud to be associated with Johny Dar and his campaign.

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